Hacking a ship control joystick into a game device

During one of our projects at Mindscape3D, we needed a game controller that felt like a real-life controller on modern ships.  We had made a ship simulation game with three screens, and a standard joystick just wouldn’t do it.  The simplest solution was just buying one of those ship joysticks and adding our own system around it.

I had to work with stuff I had laying around, and to make sure it was finished in the short time we had left, I added a small Arduino Beetle from DFRobot.  The joystick came with it’s own board, which was removed.  I also added a few extra buttons to control the game flow.  The setup had to be reliable enough for a museum setup, so I made sure everything was tight and secure.

The final system was a four screen setup ( one touch to simulate on-board controls ), and a true to life joystick controller…

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