Halloween Cyber Cop Suite

As Halloween was approaching I decided it was time to use my 3D printers to create a costume.  After some research I chose not to go for an existing piece, but to design my own.  It had to feature something Halloween-like, so I started out with designing a helmet in 3D, with the idea of going for a skull like look.  Taking some inspiration from existing
designs, I finally ended up with a pretty complicated design… I love complicated 🙂

The design had a bit of everything.  There’s a bit of Iron Man, some inspiration from the Punisher, and then some influence from Gears of War, a bit of Kylo Ren… I still didn’t entirely knew what kind of character I was creating, but it was going the right direction.

To make sure the helmet would fit, I took two selfies – front and side – wearing my glasses.  I could then use the glasses to get the scaling right in my 3D software… the helmet fits perfectly.

To make sure I could print this piece on my small scale printers I had to chop it up into six pieces.  As always I learned a lot doing this, specifically to always make sure you have some flat surface on you printer bed.  I didn’t do this and ended up with a lot of sanding work.  I then glued all the pieces together, except for the faceplate.  This had to be removable so I could at least have drink while at the party!  You have to set your priorities 🙂
In the end I added some magnets to the faceplate so I could easily take it off when drinks arrived…

Since my time to make this was very limited ( printers were in use for another project as well ), things didn’t go as structured as I could’ve wished for.  While painting finished parts, I was still printing and designing others, all while tackling other problems like adding electronics and creating the rest of the outfit.  So I only have limited images of the entire process.

The rest of the suite was also designed in 3D, except for the arm and leg pieces, which were repurposed skate protection gear.  After printing, I painted the rest of the parts in shiny white.  Everything then got attached to a Skai suite I had made in the meantime, using some very strong glues and some bolts.  I added some more electronics for the leds – which I had decided in the meantime were absolutely necessary even if time was running out fast – and made a vocoder/robot voice that I inserted at the last minute thanks to some help and positive motivation from my friend Sara (I was a bit exhausted and had to spend the last entire night working on the suite).

And thanks to my friend Peter – who helped me out a lot on the printing part (thanks again) – I finally knew I had created the perfect Cyber Cop suite for Halloween… should’ve known that the black and white theme would lead me there 🙂

And of course, the party itself was awesome!   … as far as I can remember 🙂

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